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Forced biometric authentication in Norway

On 5 April 2017, the Norwegian Government proposed an amendment to the Norwegian code of criminal proceedings to allow the police to compel the use of biometric authentication. After two quick debates, the Norwegian Parliament passed the proposition into law on 21 June.

Press Release: Popcorn-time.no – NUUG and EFN appeal decision for judicial review of the case and get the legal owner IMCASREG8 onboard.

Popcorn-time.no was decided seized by The National Authority for Investigation and Prosecution of Economic and Environmental Crime (Økokrim) in Norway on the 7th of March 2016. The Authority justified their suspicion on the grounds that the domain was involved in aiding copyright infringement. The associations NUUG a…

Donating to EFN

EFN is an organization based on voluntary efforts. However we do have expenses. If you want to donate to EFN, you are more than welcome.

Net Information About The Jon Johansen (“DVD Jon”) Case

The autumn of 1999 Jon Lech Johansen (“DVD Jon”) with others decrypted the copy control system on DVD records to make it possible to view the DVDs at the Linux operating system. The program that made this possible was called “DeCSS” and released on the Internet. This resulted in him being sued by DVD Copy Control Asso…