Presentation of the team



President - Thomas Gramstad

Thomas Gramstad

Thomas Gramstad works as a librarian at Informatikkbiblioteket
in the University of Oslo, and as secretary for Norwegian Unix User
Group ( Cand.mag. in natural sciences from UiO.

He is a freelance writer, translator and amateur musician. He was one of the founders and boardmember of FriBit(2008-2015) and was a member of the working group for Creative Commons in Norway who developed the Creative Commons licensing system from 2003-04 to 2013.

He is and has been a boardmember in several NGO, such as NUUG (vice president from 2018), ISOC Norway (from 2015), the Pirate Party (President from 2017). Plays a bit of chess and tafl, didjeridu and drums, but seldom spills milk.

The growth of the Internet and its potential for freedom, sharing and spreading of knowledge and culture, and cooperation independent of time and place woke his interest in digital rights. As established forces increasingly utilizes the Internet to destroy freedoms and rights. Digital rights are more important than ever. He is also concerned with exponential technologies, which are the core of knowledge and technology, and thus are areas where the freedom values are strong by being new and radical.

Contact information

Phone: +47 481 76 875


Vice president and press contact - Bjørn Remseth

Bjørn Remseth

Bjørn Remseth is employed developing software for a large Norwegian company. He is educated as Cand. Scient. in Informatics at the University of Oslo. Is married, has four children, plays percussion instruments as well as (just a littlle) piano and guitar: He loves outdoor pursuits. Has been in the EFN since the start and has been a board member most of this time.

The Internet and delegation of large and small tasks to computers represent a major change in the basis on which societiety is built. It also means that many of the ideas and values ​​we take for granted are challenged and interpreted into this new reality. Some such questions are: What is freedom of speech? What rights does an author necessarily have to give up for others to get involved in their production? What is humanity? Where are its boundaries? What fundamental rights should humans have? How will the balance between individual and community interests be both preserved and developed? Where are the limits of the inviolability of individuals? How far does the right to keep secret about oneself extend? Who "owns" information about individuals, and what does such "ownership" mean in different contexts? To what extent should individuals be entitled to information about themselves and their surroundings? What is ownership more generally? etc.

These questions are constantly showing up, but sometimes we may, and must, generalize to find principles that are applicable for some extended period of time What should these principles be? Who decides them?

My motivation for joining the EFN is to be able to participate in debate about these questions, and hopefully, both contribute as an individual and help others to contribute to ensure that we find good answers.

Contact information

Phone/Signal/Telegram: +47 479 00 184
PGP: 6DA7 7B55 D7DA FF3F 48A9 8BF0 6636 12C0 B4C2 065F


Managing director and board member - Tom Fredrik Blenning

Tom Fredrik Blenning

Tom Fredrik Blenning is primarily an investor and consultant, but also works as the managing director of EFN. He is educated as M. Sc. in Mathematics from the University of Oslo. In his spare time, in addition to heading EFN, he does cycling, swimming and floor ball.

Tom Fredrik has always been interested in technology, but his interest for digital rights first really awoke when Jon Johansen was put on trial for developing DeCSS. He has been a member of EFN since the early 2000’s, and a board member since 2005. He is particularly concerned with the deterioration of human rights in the digital domain, seeing it as his mission to explain why digital rights is not a new thing, only human rights applied to a new domain.

Contact information

Phone/Signal/Telegram: +47 996 24 544
PGP: 50F8 7B20 75C4 6D9E 7765 8ADE 0D5A EF1A 769B 5F11

Further presentations pending…



Public hearing and information editor - Arve Kirkevik

Arve Kirkevik
Arve Kirkevik

Arve Kirkevik is chairman of the board of the organization
Informasjonssenteret Hieronimus. Since 1997, he has written lots of
letters to the editor and feature articles. Freedom of speech is a
matter close to his heart, and this was the reason why he joined EFN.

Among other things, he has written a feature article in the newspaper
Bergens Tidende about the penal code, where he argued against the
proposal that will make it easier to close web pages with illegal

In his opinion, freedom of speech is more important than proprietary
rights, so in accordance with that, he thinks that providers of
digital infrastructure, such as Facebook and Twitter, should not be
allowed to throw out users who make controversial remarks.

Contact information

Phone: +47 56 39 54 17